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Rhodes Trust 120th Anniversary Reunion

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120th Sign-up FAQ

Answers to frequently asked questions about the sign-up process for sessions at the 120th anniversary event

I've already registered for the event, why do I need to sign up again?

There will be multiple streams of activity happening both at Rhodes House and across a wide number of beautiful venues throughout Oxford, each of which has specific capacity limits. In order to ensure everyone is able to attend as many of their preferred events as possible, we need everyone to indicate which sessions they would like to attend.

I'm having problems signing up - how can I get help?

Email and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible.

Why do my guests need to sign up separately?

Each guest over 12 will need to use a unique email address to sign up for sessions so that they have their own access to the event app. Some sessions are only open to Rhodes Scholars so the options offered to guests are slightly different to those offered to Scholars.

Due to capacity limits we cannot guarantee that guests can gain access to the same sessions as their partners and recommend that you complete the registration form at the same time as others in your party, in order to secure spots at the same sessions.

Why are places at the sessions in the Sheldonian being allocated by lottery?

On the Saturday we have two headline sessions in the Sheldonian Theatre - one is a morning plenary session with the Vice-Chancellor of Oxford University, Trustees, the Warden and notable alumni. The other is an afternoon event with the Warden and Professor Michael Sandel (Massachusetts & Balliol 1975). Due to a capacity of just over seven hundred in the Sheldonian, and two hundred in the overflow room, the attendance to both the Sheldonian itself and to the live-streamed video feed of the events at Rhodes House will be drawn by a random lottery. During the registration process, you will be asked to indicate if you would like to attend either of these sessions. If successful in the subsequent lottery for places, you will receive an email letting you know which location you have been allocated to. Places will be limited to one alum and one guest. 

As session I'm interested in attending is full; how does the waiting list work?

It is likely that several of the sessions will have extra places released after the sign-up system opens. You are able to indicate interest in sessions which are currently full and join a waiting list. If more places become available, you will receive a notification allowing you to go back to the sign-up system and reserve a place.  The waiting list is not ordered - any new places will be offered to everyone on the waiting list and claimed on a first-come, first-served basis. The notifications about available places are sent at 11.00pm BST - unfortunately we are not able to change the time of these.