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Find out more about applying for the Rhodes Scholarship

Find out more about applying for the Rhodes Scholarship


120th Online Programme

You can find the latest version of the programme below. Please be aware that we are regularly updating this page as further speakers are confirmed.

All times given are in BST (UTC+1)

Thursday 29 June

Timing Session Confirmed Speakers
Welcoming you back to the Reimagined Rhodes House

Warden Elizabeth Kiss will lead a warm welcome to the 120th Anniversary Reunion. This will be followed by Mat Davis, Director of Estates, who will deliver a comprehensive talk on the redevelopments of the reimagined Rhodes House

Available at 9.30-10.30, 11.30-12.30, 13.30-14.30, 15.30-16.30

Power Talks

Join us for a series of 15-minute flash talks on some of today’s most critical issues, followed by a Q&A with the audience.


  • Mason Ji (Washington & St Antony's 2016)
  • Aaron Rasmussen, CEO Masterclass
The Long and Winding Rhodes

A lively conversation looking back and forward, for all classes, fields, and constituencies. Prompted by excerpts from Class Notes the panel will consider how the Rhodes experience has been similar across time and constituencies, what has changed and is different, compare and contrast paths since leaving Oxford, and reflect on their hopes and expectations for the future. These stories will enable the audience to consider and comment on similarities and differences with their own Rhodes journey, and their own vision for the future


  • Nick Allard (New York & Merton 1974)
  • Tinashe Chandauka (South Africa-at-Large & Trinity 2015)
  • Alisha Wade (Commonwealth Caribbean & Trinity 2000)
  • Babar Sattar, (Pakistan & Balliol 1999)
  • Susan Karamanian (Alabama & Somerville 1980)


Power Talks

Join us for a series of 15-minute flash talks on some of today’s most critical issues, followed by a Q&A with the audience.


  • Jory Fleming (South Carolina & Worcester 2017)
  • Ngaire Woods (New Zealand & Balliol 1987)


Friday 30 June

Timing Session Confirmed Speakers
Reflections on the Scholarship's History and Future

In this interactive session we will hear from members of the Legacy, Equity and Inclusion Advisory Groups and learn about their approach to engaging with the Rhodes Trust’s history, the reimagining of Rhodes House, and the Trust’s relationship with Africa. There will be the opportunity to breakout into groups to workshop some exciting ideas with the Advisory Group members.

  • Shadreck Chirikure Professor of Archaeological Science, University of Oxford
  • Helen Ghosh, Former Rhodes Trustee
  • Janet Jobson (South Africa-at-Large & St Antony's 2007)
  • Muloongo Mychelemba (Zambia & Harris Manchester 2002)
  • Kurt Schmoke (Maryland & Balliol 1971)
  • Alison Van Rooy (Prairies & Lincoln 1990)
Rhodes Impact: Geopolitics and Global Affairs with Welcome address from Vice Chancellor, Professor Irene Tracey

The world appears to be experiencing what historian Adam Tooze terms a 'polycrisis' - from climate change to the potential risks of an unbridled rise of AI, from a raging war in Ukraine and civil strife in Sudan and Yemen to intense Sino-American tensions.

Geopolitics, a term once touted to be a relic of the past as the Berlin Wall crumbled, has once again come to the forefront of public consciousness. What are the primary challenges confronting governments situated across different ends of the economic and human development spectrum, and how should countries work together, if at all possible, in overcoming the financial, political, and economic inequalities that underpin the global order today? Is the world trending towards more fragmentation and multipolarity, and is globalisation no more?

These are questions that this panel shall seek to address through drawing upon a robust, diverse range of perspectives, featuring leading diplomats, public and private sector practitioners, intellectuals and academics.

  • Irene Tracey, Vice Chancellor, University of Oxford
  • Trudi Makhaya (South Africa-at-Large & St Antony's 2002) 
  • Eleanor Brown (Jamaica & Balliol 1995) 
  • Meg Whitman, US Ambassador to Kenya
  • Bob Rae (Ontario & Balliol 1969)
  • Moderator: Brian Wong (Hong Kong & Balliol 2020)
Pivotal Moments in the Trust’s History

Join us to delve into the Trust’s history and examine four pivotal moments including the introduction of women to the Scholarship in 1977, the financial challenges the Trust has faced after the global financial crisis of 2007, the establishment of the Mandela Rhodes Foundation and the global expansion of the Scholarship. This will be a fascinating discussion on the Trust’s history and how the Trust and Scholarship has developed.

  • Nanette Fondas (West Virginia & Brasenose 1981)
  • Elleke Boehmer (South Africa-at-Large & St John's 1985)

  • Pamela Banks, Premier of Bermuda (1997-1998)

  • Don Gogel (New Jersey & Balliol 1971)
  • Moderator: Andrew Graham, Former Warden


Rhodes Impact: Business & Entrepreneurship

Don't miss out on a captivating panel discussion on Business, Entrepreneurship, and Impact. Delve into the personal experiences and highlights of our esteemed speakers, gaining valuable insights as they share their journey, challenges, and lessons learned. Together we will explore the significance of entrepreneurial impact, and the ways in which we can leverage the Rhodes network to create meaningful change. Gain a fresh perspective on the future outlook of business and entrepreneurship, engage with visionaries and change-makers, broaden your network, and be inspired to make a lasting difference. Join us for a transformative conversation where the power of business, entrepreneurship, and impact converge.

  • John McCall MacBain (Québec & Wadham 1980)
  • Vishal Gulati (India & Imperial College 1995)
  • Shmona Simpson (Commonwealth Caribbean & Trinity 2012)
  • Lisa Klein (South Africa-at-Large & St Antony's 1994
  • Moderator: Amer Baroudi (Syria & Worcester 2019)
Rhodes Scholarship 'Trailblazers'

The aim of this panel is to celebrate, and hear from, members of the Rhodes Trust community who have led the way in a particular area. This may have been through being one of the first members of their community to attend Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar, or someone who championed a new community or cause. These members of our community have been crucial in allowing the Scholarship to diversify and grow and we would therefore like the opportunity to celebrate them and hear their stories, especially as we look to the future of the Trust and how the Scholarship can continue to grow and welcome new communities. 


  • Eileen Lach, Former General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer of IEEE and General Counsel, IEEE Foundation
  • Loyiso Nongxa (South Africa-at-Large & Balliol 1978)
  • Calvin Runnels (Georgia & Balliol 2018)
  • Richard Morales (New York & Christ Church 1976)
  • Moderator: Summia Tora (Afghanistan & Somerville 2020)
Community Dialogues

Community Dialogues are a chance for members of the Rhodes Alumni community to meet with colleagues from the Rhodes Trust, discuss its current areas of focus, ask any questions, and learn more about our new initiatives.


  • Elizabeth Kiss (Virginia & Balliol 1983)
Rhodes Impact: Education and Learning

Join us for an insightful panel discussion on Education and Learning as we explore the multifaceted challenges and opportunities that lie within. Engage in a nuanced conversation about education as a catalyst for transformation, critically examining its potential to foster critical thinking, drive innovation, and address social inequalities. We will delve into the pressing issues of access and affordability, as we unravel barriers and seek innovative solutions to ensure equitable education for all. We will explore the role of technology in enhancing learning outcomes while addressing potential risks and drawbacks. We will reflect on the exchange of knowledge and practices between the Global South and the Global North, highlighting the importance of mutual learning and collaboration. Together, let us delve into the complexities of education and learning, uncovering pathways to create a more inclusive and impactful educational landscape. Don't miss this thought-provoking discussion as we navigate the realities and possibilities of education in today's world.

  • Aly Kassam-Remtulla (Prairies & Balliol 1999)
  • Maxine Williams (Commonwealth Caribbean & St Catherine's 1992)
  • Abigail Seldin (Pennsylvania & St Antony's 2009)
  • Chisanga Puta-Chekwe (Zambia & Exeter 1976)
  • Moderator: Sameer Bhat (India & Linacre 2018)
Rhodes Impact: Healthcare

Globally, most countries have faced reductions in life expectancy as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic both directly due to the virus and in disruption to health services. It has exposed long-standing gaps in public health, but also fast-tracked important innovations that could strengthen routine care. This conversation between panellists will focus on exploring critical interventions needed to be put in place now, in order to respond to chronic health inequalities and the acute emergencies that exacerbate them.

  • Prabhat Jha (Prairies & Magdalen 1987)
  • Shehnaaz Suliman (South Africa-at-Large & Balliol 1997)
  • Tariro Makadzange (Zimbabwe & Balliol 1999)
  • Atul Gawande (Ohio & Balliol 1987)
  • Moderator: Helene-Mari van der Westhuizen (Paul Roos Gymnasium, Stellenbosch & Green Templeton College 2018)
The Global Impact of the Rhodes Trust’s Fellowship of Fellowships – The Partner Programmes  

Join Rhodes Scholar and Mandela Rhodes Scholar alumni, Schmidt Science Fellows, Rise Global Winners, and Atlantic Fellows to explore how the partner programmes of the Rhodes Trust come together with a shared goal to develop and support leaders with ambition to make a positive difference in the world. You will also learn about the vision of how these partner programmes are forming a 'fellowship of fellowships', how they strengthen the Rhodes community and increase positive impact in the world.


  • Atherton Mutombwera, Mandela Rhodes Scholar
  • Aria Florant, Atlantic Fellow
  • Harsh Agrawal, Rise Global Winner
  • Mark German, Executive Director, Rise
  • Gladys Ngetich (Kenya & Oriel 2015)
Community Dialogues

Community Dialogues are a chance for members of the Rhodes Alumni community to meet with colleagues from the Rhodes Trust, discuss its current areas of focus, ask any questions, and learn more about our new initiatives.


  • Elizabeth Kiss (Virginia & Balliol 1983)


Saturday 1 July


Timing Session Confirmed Speakers
Memorial Service

A service honouring the alumni and members of the Rhodes Community whose deaths were recorded between 2013 and 2023. This non-denominational service will take place at Harris Manchester College Chapel and we encourage all our attendees to practice their own beliefs in any way they wish.


Plenary:  Celebrating the Rhodes Scholarship's 120th Anniversary

In this celebratory session, attendees will hear from the new Vice Chancellor of Oxford University, members of our Board of Trustees and some of the most notable members of the alumni community, both in person and virtually. There will be a strategy update from the Warden, as well as a celebration of the work of our partnership programmes.


  • Professor Sir John Bell, GBE (Alberta & Magdalen 1975)
  • Dr Elizabeth Kiss (Virginia & Balliol 1983)
  • Professor Irene Tracey, CBE, FMedSci, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Oxford
Closing Plenary: Debating Meritocracy: Do the winners deserve the winnings? And The next 120 years – a vision for the Rhodes Scholarship

In the closing session of the official program for the Reunion, Professor Michael Sandel will lead an interactive and intergenerational debate (including Rhodes Scholars in Residence) on Meritocracy. During the second half of the session, the Warden together with Rhodes Scholars in Residence and the audience, will outline a vision for the Rhodes Scholarship for the next 120 years.


  • Michael Sandel (Massachusetts & Balliol 1975)
  • Elizabeth Kiss (Virginia & Balliol 1983)