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14 July 2021 - 14 July 2021

Technology & Society: Biotech - Big data in healthcare and biomedical research

  • Zoom
  • 18:00 - 19:30 UK Time
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Join us for a conversation with Peter Donnelly (Queensland & Balliol 1980), Vivian Lee (Oklahoma & Balliol 1986) and Vishal Gulati (India & 1995) on fostering innovation and resource sharing in healthcare and biomedical research

We live in the age of data-driven economies. Big data has already revolutionized the way we buy, consume media, advertise, and communicate. Now, it is beginning to reshape the biomedical sciences. With wearables, digital health, precision medicine, and genetic testing, the revolution in data-driven healthcare is fast upon us. The central dogma of data-driven industries has been: "Who owns the data, owns the technology and the products". This opens up a trade-off: how can we make the resource 'data' equitably shared while protecting personal privacy? Will the advent of big data in medicine only benefit big companies or will it give small companies the chance to innovate? What role do public projects such as the UK Biobank play? And how can we make sure the benefits of data-driven healthcare reach all patients?

Confirmed speakers include