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08 October 2019 - 08 October 2019

Yoga with Eddie Stern

  • Rhodes House
  • 10:00am
Eddiestern yoga

Tuesday 8th October 2019, Rhodes House

9:50am - Arrival

10:00-11:15am - Talk & Q&A: Simple Practices for Inner Restoration

Burn-out, anxiety, stress, and depression are some of the most common side-effects of the fast-paced, high demand society that we live in today. We’ve all experienced them to some degree, and they all have one thing in common: inflammation. Inflammation, in and of itself, is not a bad thing.

It fights off viruses and is a regulator of certain bodily functions - but too much of it causes us to break down. It’s the leading cause of 95% off all preventable diseases, including cardiovascular disease and irritable bowel syndrome. The good news, however, is that inflammation has certain on and off switches that are not difficult to access, and when we know the tricks to switch the inflammation off, we tap into our inner keys to self regulation.

By learning that we are not at the mercy of stress and the other exhausting side-effects of modern society, we can restore our energy, our sense of purpose and meaning, and express our creativity fully through the work we do and lives we live.

In this class, you will learn simple, time-tested practices that were developed specifically to restore you to balance. We will cover:

1. Introduction to stress, inflammation and resiliency,

2. Practices for autonomic nervous system balance.

3. Changing self-perception and stress-perception.

11:15-11:30am - Break

Please either arrive in your yoga clothes or change into them during this time. Feel free to bring your own drinks and dry snacks.

11:30-1:00pm - Practise: led by Eddie

Eddie Stern is a yoga teacher, author, and lecturer from New York City. He is known for his multidisciplinary approach to furthering education and access to yoga, as well as his teaching expertise in Ashtanga Yoga. He most recently created The Breathing App, which guides the user in a paced breathing exercise that balances the nervous system, helping to improve sleep, and reduce stress and anxiety. One Simple Thing: A New Look at the Science of Yoga and How It Can Transform Your Life, his first solo book, was chosen as the number one yoga book to read by Yoga Journal and is an Amazon number one best seller in yoga and religious studies. 

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