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29 January 2019 - 29 January 2019

The problem of global legibility: how squids, zombies, and wastelands reveal the logic of the 21st-century political economy.

  • Rhodes House
  • 17.30
Montoya Bio Pic Jan 2017

Join Dr Manuel Montoya (New Mexico & University 1999) for an intimate discussion on the problem of global legibility.


From existential threat to utopian fantasy, it is difficult to understand how the body of Planet Earth becomes its own meaningful social, political, and economic space. Dr Montoya will discuss our pop culture fascination with zombies and sea creatures with an emerging historical sense of planetary belonging. From this, he will connect economic nationalism and trade protectionism to our consumption of these popular culture tropes. By desegregating literary and cultural criticism from the social sciences and management strategy, he will propose the “problem of global legibility” as an alternative means to evaluate contemporary global issues.