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​Second Year Retreat: Building a Life of Purpose, Meaning and Balance

This weekend saw the first ever Second Year Scholar retreat taking place at Rhodes House. Over three days, second year Scholars explored in depth the theme of "Building a Life of Purpose, Meaning and Balance".

Topics included:

  • Thoughts on vocation and meaning
  • How to define 'home'
  • Conflicts between work, life and duty
  • Friendships, relationships and mentors
  • Risk, failure and courage
  • Reflection, culture, art and spirituality
  • ellness and mindfulnessScholar participants

The format is based around a series of readings, talks and discussions, with sessions being moderated by Senior Scholars, including Max Harris, Micahel Lamb, Tim Cumming, Shaun Johnson, JanaLee Cherneski, Ian Desai, Jen Robinson, Kezia Lange, Abdul El-Sayed, Anthony House, Rachel Carrell and Stace Lindsay. Talks included Jonathan Shapiro speaking on 'Life as Narrative’ and John McCall MacBain, Second Century Founder, speaking on 'Building on Failure'.