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International Rhodes Trust Events

All members of the global community are welcome at these events around the world.

'Never too young to lead' with Dr Violet Lo
13 March 2019

'Never too young to lead' with Dr Violet Lo

What would the world look like when we have leaders who love and give to others? Creating jobs alone is not enough to tackle the inequality and the extreme wealth gap issue. We need to create wealth. We need economic growth to reach everyone! We need our business to be inclusive and purpose-driven. We need to develop next generation leaders who are ethical, purpose-driven and global–minded. We need a diversified global inclusive business ecosystem, where we can empower the next generation to create inclusive opportunities and bring purpose to business. If you are purpose-driven, have leadership qualities, and want to make a difference with your skills in STEM+, computing, data science, machine learning, arts & music, storytelling, photography or filming skills, entrepreneurship and sports, please come and join us!