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Corporate and State Power in the Age of the Platform
Tim Hwang, Director of the Harvard-MIT Ethics and Governance of AI Initiative
Wednesday 25 April, 5.30 - 7pm, Rhodes House
Hosted by Rhodes Artificial Intelligence Lab (RAIL)

History offers a long legacy of the complex interactions between corporate and private power on one hand, and government and public power on the other. What functions are considered properly the role of state actors? What responsibilities do corporate actors owe to the public? How are both types of institutions held accountable?

From this point of view, we can situate the modern day constellation of Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Amazon in a broader history of corporate power. In what respects do these entities operate similar to those in the past? In what ways do they depart from the "classic" templates that we have seen before?

Beginning from the historical record of these relationships, this talk will delve into the questions around the political role played by technology platforms, and offer some thoughts on the likely future of the interaction between these industries and states going forwards.

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