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Mindfulness Unpacked
Willem Kuyken, Professor of Clinical Psychology, University of Oxford; Director, Oxford Mindfulness Centre

Mindfulness is a way of experiencing things “as they are,” allowing us to see what is happening more accurately and respond more effectively. Derived from contemplative practices found in many foundational traditions, mindfulness practices provide us with practical tools that can affect the functioning and physical structure of not only the brain, but the entire body. Research continues to offer insight into our extraordinary ability to train - and retrain - the mind.

This talk will address questions such as How have mindfulness and mindfulness practice developed into the various contemporary mainstream forms? How effectively can these methods of transformation be applied in treatment for depression and chronic pain? What does science have to say about the meditating and mind-wandering brain? Who are the people that practice mindfulness - from politicians to prisoners - and why? Could it be the perfect antidote to modern life? Or need we be mindful skeptics? Have its benefits been oversold?

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