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23 October 2017 - 23 October 2017

Documentation & a Vibrant Writing Culture: A Book Launch by Prof. Mutambara

  • Rhodes House
  • 5.30 - 7pm
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The Importance of Knowledge Production, Documentation and a Vibrant Writing Culture: A Book Launch
Professor Arthur Mutambara (Zimbabwe & Merton, 1991)

Hosted by the Oxford University Africa Society and the African History and Politics Seminar

This book is the first of three volumes in a series that traces the leadership thoughts and philosophical disposition of Professor Arthur G.O. Mutambara, a former Rhodes Scholar, over a period of 35 years, as his generation sought to become the transformation it wished to see in the world. The trilogy constitutes a fascinating intellectual and political journey by the man who would become Deputy Prime Minister of Zimbabwe at the age of 42.

While the views are primarily in pursuit of the Zimbabwean Dream, the issues and challenges tackled affect most developing countries, in particular, those on the African continent. There is a strong Pan-Africanist thread and a developmental state approach pervading all the thoughts. Hence, the material presented in the three books also lays the foundation for the ambitious vision of the African Dream, characterised by a peaceful, stable, integrated, democratic, technology-driven, industrial, and economically prosperous continent according all the associated social amenities to its citizenry.

This anthology also attempts, in its small way, to resolve one of the African continent’s tragedies, that its peoples generally do not have a strong reading culture, much less a vibrant writing culture. More specifically, African leaders, activists and changemakers do not adequately, if at all, document their experiences.

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