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Strange New Worlds: Searching for Alien Planets and Life Beyond
Ray Jayawardhana, Renowned Astrophysicist, Popular Science Writer and World Explorer

Wired magazine may have put it best: “As astronomers go, RayJay is a rock star.” And for good reason – a graduate of Yale and Harvard, Professor Ray Jayawardhana uses the world’s largest telescopes to explore planets beyond our solar system and prospects for life in the universe. His discoveries have made headlines worldwide, and led to international recognition and accolades. Through engaging writing, frequent media appearances and thought-provoking talks, he shares the adventures of far-flung exploration and brings the science of the cosmos down to earth for a variety of audiences.

Currently, Ray is the Dean of Science and Professor of Physics & Astronomy at York University. Asteroid (4668) Rayjay is named after him. With more than 120 scientific papers to his credit, Ray and his collaborators have advanced our understanding of planetary origins and diversity as well as the formation of stars and brown dwarfs.

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