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From the hardware markets of Shenzhen to Tokyo's robotic hotel, from science fiction movies in Hollywood to post-oil Kuwait, Sophie will talk about her year observing how technologies are shaping economies in new and interesting ways around the world.

Sophie is currently spending time amongst weirdos and troublemakers in creative communities, new markets and universities such as satellites in Buenos Aires, eGaming in Scandinavia or astropreneurs in LA to investigate tech breakthroughs and the social contexts in which they are built and used. The aim is to map these technologies over shifting demographics, economics, geopolitics, and hopefully provide a richer understanding of the extraordinary challenges and opportunities ahead. Sophie launched and ran WIRED magazine’s consulting business, bringing entrepreneurs into the boardroom. She spent two years in Silicon Valley working at Singularity University, a group based at a NASA research park tasked with understanding and harnessing exponential technologies. Sophie also worked at Oxford University, bringing more than $120m of investment to the Oxford Martin School.

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