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Andrew is one of Canada's global thinkers. He has almost 29 years of professional experience as a strategy consultant, line manager, private equity investor and failed entrepreneur and has lived in Toronto, Paris, Hong Kong, London, and Beijing, as well as running businesses in Shanghai, Sydney, and Tokyo (and studying in Oxford and Cambridge, MA). He is currently based in Lagos, Nigeria. Andrew now plays a role in creating a strong and vibrant economy and society in the world's most dynamic continent. He works across the economic eco-system, including the financial system, the power sector, the health infrastructure and the government at both the federal and state level. In this role, he has a front row seat to the incredible transformation that is happening in Nigeria and across Sub-Saharan Africa. In his talk, Andrew will discuss the findings of PwC's report on the Impact of Corruption on Nigeria’s Economy and how technological developments in cryptocurrency might play a major role in solving this issue.

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