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Scholars & Fellows working on COVID-19

The Coronavirus pandemic underscores the crucial need for thoughtful, public-spirited leaders who can collaborate across geographic and disciplinary borders to tackle complex global challenges.

We have been connecting in real time Rhodes Scholars and Fellows from our partnership programmes who are responding to the Coronavirus pandemic and are seeking or offering collaborators, research partners, advice, contacts, or resources. To operate the map, click on a dot to read the profile description. You can zoom into a particular geographic area to see parts in more detail where there are several Scholars or Fellows based in the same city. It is also possible to filter based on a particular category, search for a particular name, or to use the timeline function at the bottom of the map to sort for a particular class year or wider time period.


The above map is generated by a third party. Rhodes Trust only takes responsibility for the inputted data that shows the collaborative projects.

If you would like to be added to the Google Sheet which feeds into both this public map and the collaborative projects, please email our Director of Communications, Babette Littlemore. We have also set up a group on the Rhodes Scholar Network for people to join to discuss these efforts.


How the Rhodes Community is Standing Up to Covid-19

We say a huge thank you to everyone in our community who is focused on combating the pandemic.