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Confirmed Speakers

14 May 2020

COVID-19: Chinese Scholar fireside chat


  • Serena Dai

    Serena Dai (Hong Kong & St. Catherine's 2016)

    DPhil candidate in Zoology, University of Oxford

    Serena is a fourth year DPhil in Zoology focusing on genomics and molecular evolution using the fat sand rat as a model. Her research interests include comparative genomics, genome evolution and the diversity of life forms. Serena is currently a member of the Scholar Programme Facilitator team at Rhodes House and she was in China when the COVID-19 crisis unfolded.

  • Xilin Jiang

    Xilin Jiang (China & University 2017)

    DPhil Candidate in Genomic Medicine and Statistics, University of Oxford

    Xilin is now working with the Chinese CDC and Gates Foundation to model the COVID-19 pandemic. He is a third year DPhil in Genomic Medicine and Statistics, working with Professor Gil McVean and Professor Chris Holmes in Oxford. Xilin's research interests include longitudinal modelling of disease risk, disease interaction and computational statistics. He is jointly funded by the Rhodes Trust and the Wellcome Trust.

  • Yuhan Li

    Yuhan Li (China & Magdalen 2018)

    MPhil candidate in Biodiversity, Conservation and Mgt, University of Oxford

    Yuhan is currently researching different perceptions of Chinese-related illegal wildlife trade across different groups as part of her MPhil project in Oxford. Since she earned her Bachelor's degree in politics, philosophy and economics from Peking University, she has worked for SHANSHUI Conservation Center, managing scientific research station on the Tibetan plateau. Yuhan has served as an intern to WWF China and also as a youth delegate to UN-COP 21.

  • Naying Ren

    Naying Ren (China & Linacre 2016)

    Co-Founder, China SOGIE Youth Network

    Naying is a LGBTQ+ activist and independent live art producer currently managing a workplace equality project at the Beijing LGBT Center. She is the cofounder of China LGBT Youth Network (now China SOGIE Youth Network) and queer feminist theater and art group Vagina Project China. Naying earned a MPhil in Social Anthropology while in Oxford.

  • Chunying Zhang

    Chunying Zhang (China & Lady Margaret Hall 2016)

    Reporter, Bloomberg News - Shanghai

    Chunying Zhang is a reporter currently working for Bloomberg News Shanghai office, and she previously worked for the Wall Street Journal, Reuters, and the New York Times China Bureau. She is covering businesses and social-economic news in China. Chunying studied Criminology and Criminal Justice at Oxford. Before that, she earned a Master's degree from Columbia Journalism School and a Bachelor's in Economics.