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Rhodes Scholar Groups

Scholars in Oxford organise many groups and activities themselves, including those featured below.

  • Black Association of Rhodes Scholars

    The Black Association of Rhodes Scholars (BARS) is committed to creating an environment that encourages a diversity of perspectives, identities, and experiences, in which we facilitate dialogue about issues concerning Black peoples around the world. We aim to foster unity among Black Rhodes Scholars, both past and present. Also, we aspire to impact the Oxford community at large through service, advocacy and effective representation on University commissions that promote racial awareness, equality and diversity. We host a welcome event at the start of each academic year, meet termly for themed discussions, and every October, host events that celebrate the history and traditions of Black peoples for Black History Month. Past events include lectures on black leadership in the 21st century by Ghanaian President John Kufuor and entrepreneur Mo Ibrahim, and a Black women’s forum. All are welcome to join the organisation or attend events.

    Contact: Rachel Harmon or Robert Fisher on

  • Global Scholars' Group

    Now in its 8th year, the GLOBAL SCHOLARS GROUP (GSG) is a consortium of Rhodes, Gates, Clarendon, Chevening, Fulbright, Marshall, Churchill, and Commonwealth Scholars aiming to promote responsible citizenship by generating ideas and action aimed at addressing the world’s most pressing challenges. It achieves this goal primarily through the annual Global Scholars Symposium (GSS). GSS seeks to generate dialogue between prominent world leaders and its scholars, and is hosted in Oxford and Cambridge in alternative years. Past speakers at GSS include heasd of state, social justice activists, businesspeople, artists, writers, and philanthropsts. GSS 2017 was held at Cambridge University in June, and the upcoming GSS will be held at Rhodes House in the spring term. GSG believes that the largest and most persistent global issues require a commitment to work across disciplines and generations to connect current expertise with ideas for tomorrow.

    For more information, please visit

    Contact the convenor Kaleem Hawa at

  • Oxford Accessibility Project

    The OXFORD ACCESSIBILITY PROJECT (OAP) is a young not-for-profit that maps building accessibility for wheelchair users in Oxford, United Kingdom. Born out of Rhodes House, our members now include students and staff from all over Oxford. Together, we’re mapping the accessibility of colleges and social venues to help wheelchair users live active social and personal lives. Our work brings to light the often overlooked environmental barriers to social inclusion faced by wheelchair users. We’re producing the first comprehensive college access guide available online to help both present and future students and visitors. Looking forward, we plan to map Oxford’s social venues and to explore accessibility for non-mobility related disabilities. We are a young, socially-minded start-up that sees disability as diversity and empowers persons with disabilities to live engaged and fulfilling lives.

    Convenor Matt Pierri - contact on:

  • Rhodes Artificial Intelligence Lab (RAIL)

    The RHODES ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE LAB (RAIL) uses AI to tackle audacious social problems. We create state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence to diagnose diseases, reduce emissions, discover new medicines, translate ancient languages, and more. We welcome Rhodes Scholars from all technical backgrounds. Teams include both engineers and strategists - from the most knowledgeable AI specialists to those who've never heard of machine learning.

    Convenors: Jade Leung, Andrew Kaplan, Jeffrey Ding


  • Rhodes Asian & Asian Diaspora Forum

    RHODES ASIAN AND ASIAN DIASPORA FORUM is a group for critically discussing the experiences of persons from Asia or from the Asian diaspora.

    Convenors: Abi Kulshrestha; Sean Lau; Yen Pham


  • Rhodes Ball

    RHODES BALL is the social event of the year, a chance for the Rhodes community to unwind and celebrate a year's hard work. This massive event is made possible by a small group of committed individuals who plan the Ball from inception to execution, including choosing the theme, fundraising, budgeting, decoration, music, food, drinks, entertainment, and more. A great Ball needs a great Ball Committee, so if you're interested in planning the party of the season, look out for our recruitment emails this fall. Enthusiasm, but not experience, necessary.

    Convenors: Leah Michalove, Emily Mediate


  • Rhodes China Forum
    The RHODES CHINA FORUM is a fully inclusive organisation dedicated to learning about China. We believe that as the world's most populous state and second largest economy, China is an exciting and critical topic – geopolitically, economically, and culturally – for any international leader, particularly in the 21st Century. We have conducted academic and cultural exchanges to China, hosted debates on contemporary issues, held speeches by China experts, hosted Chinese delegations, discussed its deep history and literature, and highlighted Scholars' research and experience. We are building a network of Scholars engaged with China, and connecting with academic, business, social, and political groups in China. See
    Convenors: Ni Xu, Xilin Jiang, Yuxuan Chen
  • Rhodes Christian Fellowship Group

    The members of Rhodes Christian Fellowship (RCF) meet regularly to encourage each other on our walks with God, whether we have been Christians for a long time, are just beginning or are simply interested in the faith. RCF is not limited to Rhodes Scholars; we warmly welcome any Oxford post-graduate students as well as their partners. During term time, we gather together each week to pray and study a passage of the Bible. We also have regular social events such as potlucks, movie evenings and board game nights. The members of RCF come from many different Christian traditions; we deeply value the different perspectives scholars bring and enjoy learning from each other. 

    Convenors: Hannah Schneider, Ruth Fong, Sean Lau


  • Rhodes Climate Change Group

    Want to address climate change from within the Rhodes community? Join the RHODES CLIMATE SECRETARIAT as we organise climate-oriented events, including discussions in Michaelmas term at Rhodes House and a Climate Forum during the spring . We’re still defining our purpose and deciding how we can most effectively act, so we are eager for input on how to proceed. Other current projects include researching previous community-based efforts for addressing climate change and building a network among Scholars globally. Our focus is multidisciplinary, so individuals from all backgrounds are welcome.

    Convenor: Aven Satre-Meloy


  • Rhodes Creative Arts

    RHODES CREATIVE ARTS aims to create a platform for Rhodes Scholars to share our creativity, to listen, to look, to engage, and to share our diverse artistic experiences and talents with one another. Our vision is to unite, empower and inspire people through the arts and to fill Rhodes House with regular opportunities for creative expression. Some of our ideas for the upcoming academic year include a Photo Walk led by Vinesh Rajpaul, a South African Rhodie and winner of multiple photography competitions (, as well as an interactive djembe drumming event, amongst others. We are looking for people with creative ideas, potential workshop or creative session facilitators, performers and artists, or anyone who wishes to attend such events, share their talents, or learn a new creative art form. Anyone with questions can email You can also complete this form to express an interest in attending, facilitating, or organising events or workshops:

    Convenors: Kirsten Rowe, Farah Shammout 


  • Rhodes Cricket

    RHODES CRICKET play games in Trinity and through the summer, both against Oxford teams and teams from around the county. It's a casual, fun group that attempts to cater for people of all skill levels, where possible.

    Convenor: Harj Narulla


  • Rhodes Economic Forum (REF)

    We're an active group of Rhodes Scholars interested in the study and advancement of the field of economics. We aim to bring structured dialogue on contemporary economic issues to Rhodes House. REF welcomes Scholars from across disciplines to collaborate and engage with us in discussing a broad range of ideas spanning economic models, policy and econometrics. In addition to Scholars' teas and reading groups, REF hosts renowned economists as speakers every term. Please email us at for further queries or suggestions!

    Convenors: Evan Soltas, Ashley Orr


  • Rhodes Football Club

    RHODES FOOTBALL CLUB (Rhodes F.C.) is a group of Rhodes Scholars meeting throughout the year to play some footie. We organize informal pick-up matches throughout the year, and as of 2017 will enter a Rhodes F.C. football team into MCR League and Cuppers play. All skill levels welcome, you can't be worse than the rest of us!

    Convenors: Thomas Carroll, Fahad Al Shaibani


  • Rhodes for Wellbeing

    RHODES FOR WELLBEING is a new group formed to promote positive mental health and wellbeing among Rhodes scholars and students more generally. Settling into life in Oxford can be an exciting but also challenging time, and we aim to support scholars through this process by opening up dialogue around emotional wellbeing, destigmatising mental illness and strengthening support networks and pathways to help scholars in need of extra support.

    Convenors: Jade Leung, Jimmy Haw, Danielle Fitzpatrick, Romina Mariano


  • Rhodes Incubator

    The Rhodes Incubator (RI) is the first program of its kind to operate in the global Rhodes community, with the aim of harnessing the entrepreneurial energy of current and senior scholars. RI was officially launched at the 2017 Rhodes Ventures Forum. Our programme includes an IDEATE weekend, and an INCUBATE cycle consisting of weekly contact sessions, mentorship, workshops and venture fairs. We strongly believe that RI presents a fantastic opportunity for stimulating a venture-based approach to problem solving, innovation, and impact within the scholar community, and we can't wait to see what teams produce.

    Convenors: Bogdan Knezevic; Jessica Price; Tinashe Chandauka; Jonas Bovijn; Jade Leung

    For more information check us out at or email us on

  • Rhodes LGBTQ

    We are a community of self-identifying LGBTQ scholars and partners here to help foster a space for the safe and comfortable expression of your gay, lesbian, bi, trans or other queer identity. Some other objectives include building awareness of LGTBQ people and causes between cultures, to discuss queer theory, and to have a good ol' time together.

    Convenors: Harriet Horsfall, Jay Ruckelshaus & Grace Girard-Huckins


  • Rhodes Pluralism

    At RHODES PLURALISM, we feel more could be done to fill gaps of connectedness, build bridges of understanding, and explore benefits of difference. That is why we aim to hold unique events, discussions, and projects outside the Rhodes community to facilitate deeper connection, meaningful dialogue, and tolerant understanding among Rhodes Scholars in an attempt to advance our embodiment of the ethic of pluralism - the ethic of valuing diversity, perceiving difference as strength, and seeing the Other as an equal. Look out for our events and activities - they are a blast! Oh, and if you are interested in joining, holla.

    Convenors: Zia Saleh, Logan Jackson, Nelisa Tebeka, Krishna Parshotam, Tonny Brian Mungai, Sarah Kovan


  • Rhodes Scholar Library

    The RHODES SCHOLAR LIBRARY was started in the spring of 2015 with the aim of forming a collection of books that held significance to current and past Scholars. The collection is curated by the Scholars themselves, and these books have found a permanent place in Rhodes House. Today, the Scholar Library contains a wealth of books available for loan, including fiction, non-fiction and poetry. These efforts have expanded to the global community of Scholars, so as to incorporate a wide range of perspectives; the Library is a place to challenge and be challenged by the opinions and creativity of others.

    Contact: if you’re interested in joining a cohort of volunteer librarians, please get in touch with Aaron Gluck-Thaler (, Angela Yu ( or Dhruva Bhat!

  • Rhodes Scholars' Southern Africa Forum

    The RHODES SCHOLARS SOUTHERN AFRICAN FORUM (RSSAF) is a scholar-led organisation dedicated to enacting positive change in Southern Africa. RSSAF's mission is threefold; to increase awareness of social, political and economic issues in Southern Africa; to raise and distribute funds to support small-scale community development initiatives, and to stimulate discussion and seek to engage with the historical relationship between the Scholarship and the region. At the core of our work is our grants programme which supports at least 6 organisations annually. Recently funded projects have included the support of a project run by a youth organisation focused on 'keeping girls safe in school' in Malawi, and a community based organisation for promoting sanitation and hygiene in a rural primary school in Kenya. We furthermore provide remote strategic consultancy services to non-profit organisations in Sub-Saharan Africa with support from Consultancy organisations, in the past year we received support from McKinsey and Bridgespan. Our events are long-celebrated traditions within the Rhodes community and include our 'Welcome Day Auction' in Michaelmas, 'Promises Auction', and 'Rhodies and Friends Recital' in Trinity.

    Nelisa Tebeka, Mary Jiyani


  • Rhodes Social Impact Group

    The Rhodes Social Impact Group exists for Rhodes Scholars in Oxford who want to make a difference at a local level. This year, the Rhodes Social Impact Group is setting its sights on service. We are working on a community-wide initiative that would serve the city that we are currently calling home. Our plan is to identify key groups and needs in Oxford which scholars could volunteer for and organize Service Saturdays (and some other days also) when Rhodes Scholars in Oxford can give back. This year our goal is to collectively complete 1,000 service hours! Find us on FB and Instagram: Rhodes Social Impact Group.

    Email: Group Leaders/ Convenors: Carley-Jane Stanton, Ilhan Dahir, Laura Roberts, Andres Noe, Rene S Verma, Ashley Orr.

  • Rhodes Science Group

    The science group aims to foster dialogue both among scientists and between scientists and scholars working in other fields. We host events that include talks, panels, debates, and pub nights, all with a soft focus on the relationships between science and society.

    Convenor: Arijit Patra

  • Rhodes Women

    In the 40th year of Rhodes Scholarships for Women, the RHODES WOMEN group welcomes all scholars identifying as femme, genderqueer, non-binary and women as we affirm and support each other and explore themes and ideas regarding gender. We hope to build community and fellowship across generations of scholars through events and mentoring, commit to intellectual collaboration with other Rhodes groups and local collectives exploring race, sexuality and faith, among others, and to continue to critically interrogate what the social and political category of 'woman' means, to the Rhodes community and to all of us.

    Convenors: Naying, Rene, Ashley Orr


The listing of a group does not reflect a formal endorsement by the Rhodes Trust, nor do any opinions stated by them necessarily reflect those held by the Trust. They are independent groups, but are expected to demonstrate a sense of inclusivity and the scope for dialogue, debate and a diversity of views.