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Madeleine Chang

California, 2018

Madeleine Chang
  • Current Place of Residence: San Francisco

  • University: Stanford University

  • Current/Recent Course: BA History

Madeleine K. Chang, San Francisco, is a senior at Stanford pursuing a B.A. in History. Madeleine envisions an ethical framework for the digital world, a set of rights that anticipate the social and political implications of the Internet and the data collection that enables it. Her honors thesis analyzes the Wikipedia entry about the Israel-Palestine conflict, challenging its organizing principle that crowd-sourcing can produce stable, coherent and accurate accounts of any topic. Madeleine serves as the co-president of the American Middle Eastern Network for Dialogue at Stanford where she directs a team that organizes a growing network of 200+ individuals seeding social and political change in the Middle East and United States. She speaks Arabic, Spanish and Hebrew. At Oxford, Madeleine will read for an M.Sc. in Social Science of the Internet.