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Tina Christmann

Germany, 2018

Tina Christmann
  • Current Place of Residence: Berlin

  • University: Technical University, Berlin

  • Current/Recent Course: Bachelor degree in Ecology and Environmental Planning

Tina Christmann is a bachelor student of Ecology and Environmental Planning in Berlin. Her current research focuses on the impact of urban conditions on plants' phenology, as well as on the Urban Heat island effect in cities. Being especially interested in the effects of climate change on landscapes and species and in ecosystem research, Tina plans to study Biodiversity, Conservation and Management. Her academic goal is to publish in the IPCC report one day and to communicate the need for nature conservation and climate-change-mitigation. As a national rower for Germany, Tina participated four times at World Championships and won two medals. She is planning to test for a seat in Oxford’s Blue Boat for the Boat Race 2019.