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Nathan Bermel

Maryland/DC, 2018

Nathan Bermel
  • Current Place of Residence: Massachusetts

  • University: United States Naval Academy

  • Current/Recent Course: BSc (Majors Quantitative Economics and Political Science)

Nate Bermel is an officer in the United States Navy. He graduated from the United States Naval Academy, where he majored in Quantitative Economics and Political Science and ranked first in his class in both academic and military orders of merit. At Brookline High School in Massachusetts, Nate sponsored two bills targeting student smoking; since the bills’ passage, the smoking rate has fallen over 50%. As a midshipman, Nate served as a peer tutor, a Plebe Summer detailer, and the Brigade Honor Advisor -- overseeing the staff of the midshipman-run Honor Program, honor education for the Brigade, and the investigation and board process for alleged honor offenses. He was also a member of the Academy’s club lacrosse team, winning back-to-back national championships. During his summers, Nate summited Denali on an expedition with three other midshipmen, analyzed the oil market in ISIL-held Iraq and Syria for the State Department’s Bureau of Energy Resources, and travelled to the Marshall Islands, where he researched the impacts of climate change on the American military base and Marshallese population at Kwajalein Atoll.