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Madeleine Chang

California, 2018

Madeleine Chang
  • Current Place of Residence: San Francisco

  • University: Stanford University

  • Current/Recent Course: BA History

Madeleine K. Chang, San Francisco, is a senior at Stanford pursuing a B.A. in History. Madeleine envisions an ethical framework for the digital world, a set of rights that anticipate the social and political implications of the Internet and the data collection that enables it. Her honors thesis analyzes the Wikipedia entry about the Israel-Palestine conflict, challenging its organizing principle that crowd-sourcing can produce stable, coherent and accurate accounts of any topic. Madeleine serves as the co-president of the American Middle Eastern Network for Dialogue at Stanford where she directs a team that organizes a growing network of 200+ individuals seeding social and political change in the Middle East and United States. She speaks Arabic, Spanish and Hebrew.