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Krishnendu Ray

India, 2018

Krishnendu Ray
  • Current Place of Residence: Chennai, India

  • University: Chennai Mathematical Institute

  • Current/Recent Course: MSc. Physics

Krishnendu Ray is pursuing the final year of his MSc in Physics at the Chennai Mathematical Institute. His research interests broadly lie in quantum field theory and string theory. Currently a visiting student at the International Centre for Theoretical Sciences, he is working with Dr. Loganayagam studying scattering amplitudes using techniques from string theory. Previously, he has had stints at ICTS, the Raman Research Institute, Sun Yat-Sen University and the Institute of Mathematical Sciences.  Aside from physics, Krishnendu maintains a deep interest in the field of education. Being an avid reader and having played the piano for many years, he spends his leisure divided between the two. He also enjoys sailing and playing basketball.