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Alexey Youssef

Syria, Jordan, Lebanon & Palestine, 2018

Alexey Youssef
  • Current Place of Residence: Lattakia, Syria

  • University: Tishreen University

  • Current/Recent Course: MD Medicine

Alexey is a senior medical student at Tishreen University in Latakia, Syria. In spite of the dangerous conditions during the war, Alexey has been committed to furthering medical research and practice in his community. He organized his fellow medical students to join the International Federation of Medical Students Associations, campaigned for patient safety and hand hygiene in Tishreen Hospital and has collaborated with international scientists to cofound and run the first Syrian Cancer Biobank. When not at the hospital or in the lab, Alexey enjoys camping, hiking and bodybuilding. 

Alexey is passionate about the applications of medical technologies and their potential in serving under-resourced areas. In Oxford, he hopes to develop a comprehensive skill set to lead innovative and inclusive systems-based approaches to rebuilding the healthcare sector in Syria.