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Xu Ni

China, 2017

Xu Ni
  • Current Place of Residence: .

  • University: Peking University

  • Current/Recent Course: MBBS

XU Ni is a medical student at Peking University. He received a national scholarship as one of China’s top students and an award for research excellence. His work on neuropathic pain has been published in the Journal of Neuroscience. Ni was vice-president of the International Federation of Medical Students Association for China where he established a research exchange programme to connect Chinese students and global peers. Ni is an advocate for increasing understanding of mental illness in Chinese medical education. He established a platform, It Gets Brighter China, seeking to combat stigma surrounding mental illnesses and to encourage people to seek treatment. An avid volleyball player, he has captained the Peking University medical school team. Ni plans to make a career as a physician-scientist focused on improving clinical outcomes for the mentally ill.