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Simone Delzin

Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies, 2017

Simone Delzin
  • Current Place of Residence: Barbados, West Indies

  • University: The University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus

  • Current/Recent Course: BSc in Biology and Psychology

Simone is a highly motivated student leader with a passion for social justice, the socio-politics of health and humanitarianism. She reads and speaks extensively on issues of Caribbean identity, the family, bioethics and culture. Simone is the holder of the Trinidad and Tobago National Youth Award for Leadership (2012), in honor of her founding of a youth-led volunteer organization called Spark a Smile. Currently, Simone is the president of her university's Vice Chancellor's Student-Alumni Ambassador Corps, which seeks to train students on issues of Caribbean pride, culture, critical social awareness and the traditions of the University. Besides academics, Simone has a deep love for dance and the arts.