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Matthew Jordan

Ontario, 2017

Matthew Jordan
  • Current Place of Residence: Toronto

  • University: McMaster University

  • Current/Recent Course: B.Arts Sc. (Hons) & Mathematics

When he’s not rapping about physicists or lecturing on the history of jazz, Matthew Jordan studies mathematics in the interdisciplinary Arts & Science program at McMaster University. He has received research awards from McMaster and the Fields Institute to study the eerie oneness of mathematics and physics, and he hopes to one day uncover the inner workings of the universe using only a blackboard and chalk. Matthew has been a teaching assistant for multiple courses, wrote a calculus textbook, presented at a TEDx conference, and is passionate about making complex ideas accessible and fun. Science is all around us—from Snapchat filters to nuclear plants—and Matthew hopes to inspire others to appreciate its immense beauty and utility.​