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Maayan Roichman

Israel, 2017

Maayan Roichman
  • Current Place of Residence: Tel-Aviv, Israe

  • University: Tel-Aviv University

  • Current/Recent Course: Master of Arts, Anthropology

Maayan commenced her Bachelor of Arts degree in The Tel Aviv University Multidisciplinary Programme in the Arts at the age of fifteen, concentrating on Film Studies. She later joined the Tel-Aviv University Interdisciplinary Honours Programme, and took advanced courses in anthropology, history and clinical psychology. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from The Department of Sociology and Anthropology. At Oxford, she intends to pursue a DPhil in Anthropology. As part of her work as an anthropologist, Maayan enjoys meeting new people, teaching ethnographic research methods and collaborating with artists, clinicians and educators. Outside academia, she enjoys dancing, sailing or simply watching a good film.