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Lilian Dube

Zimbabwe, 2017

Lilian Dube
  • Current Place of Residence: Hong Kong

  • University: The University of Chicago

  • Current/Recent Course: BA English Language and Literature

Lilian Dube graduated in 2015 from The University of Chicago. She grew up in several rural communities, attending 12 schools before university. Elected early to Phi Beta Kappa, Lilian won the Elsie F. Filippi Memorial Prize in Poetry for her BA on violence and gender in the work of the Cuban-American artist Ana Mendieta. She translated parts of The Tempest into Northern Ndebele and worked with graduate linguistics students researching the language. She served in several mentorship capacities and was a Visiting Student at the Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute and at Oxford. Currently, Lilian teaches critical thinking and writing in Hong Kong. She seeks to research Southern African higher education policy and curricula, focusing on technical schools and the possibility of a liberal arts core.