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Huang Qin

China, 2017

Huang Qin
  • Current Place of Residence: .

  • University: University of Oxford, Tsinghua University

  • Current/Recent Course: BA Accounting, currently studying MPhil Political Theory

HUANG Qin previously completed a Bachelor’s in accounting at Tsinghua University. The first student from his rural hometown in the south western province of Guizhou to ever gain admission to Tsinghua, Qin went on to serve as vice president of the school of economics and management student union. After developing a passion for political theory, he created Polis2016, an online platform to encourage Chinese students to debate political philosophy. He has interned with the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Beijing and taught at schools for children of migrant workers. A licensed skydiver, he also loves hiking and mountain climbing. Qin wants to progress to a DPhil in political theory. He hopes his work will lead to a deeper understanding of China’s political system.