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Fuaad Coovadia

South Africa-at-Large, 2017

Fuaad Coovadia
  • Current Place of Residence: Johannesburg

  • University: University of Cape Town

  • Current/Recent Course: BBusSci Economics

Fuaad Coovadia has recently completed a Bachelor of Business Science, majoring in Economics at the University of Cape Town (UCT). His passion for economics can be seen in his authoring of a Microeconomics study guide for undergraduate students. Following this, he co-founded Presto - a publishing company that specialises in providing educational materials such as study guides for university and high school students. During his time at UCT, he has also served as the head student of the residence Smuts Hall and has worked as a consultant for the small enterprise development NGO Phaphama. While at Oxford, Fuaad intends to pursue his interests in Economics with a special focus on labour economics and the proliferation of economic knowledge to non-economists.