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Diala Al Masri

Syria, Jordan, Lebanon & Palestine, 2017

Diala Al Masri
  • Current Place of Residence: N/A

  • University: Lebanese American University; Williams College, Massachusetts

  • Current/Recent Course: BA Political Science & International Affairs; MA Policy Economics

Diala holds a BA degree in International Affairs from LAU and an MA in Policy Economics through a Fulbright scholarship from Center for Development Economics (CDE) at Williams College, where she works currently as a research assistant. She was a laureate of the Harvard World Model United Nations 2013 Diplomacy Award and the Under Secretary General for School Relations and Outreach in the UNA-USA GC LAU Model United Nations, 2012-2013. She has served with multiple NGOs in Lebanon and was awarded the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) Community Ambassador Award for her leadership role in civic engagement events. Diala hopes, longer-term, to seek to shape economic policies in the Middle East to help overcome impediments to growth and income.