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Chris McIntyre

New Zealand, 2017

Chris McIntyre
  • Current Place of Residence: Wellington, New Zealand

  • University: Victoria University of Wellington

  • Current/Recent Course: BSc Geography & Statistics

Chris holds a Bachelor of Science with First Class Honours in Geography and Statistics from Victoria University of Wellington. As a contributing researcher at the Oxford Diasporas Programme, Chris studied how states engage their diasporas and led a report on diaspora definitions for the World Bank. Most recently, Chris has worked as an Associate at the Boston Consulting Group. Chris has held editorial roles at a student newspaper, and helped to launch a nationally-syndicated non-partisan publication for young voters ahead of New Zealand’s 2014 General Election. Chris has competed in New Zealand’s National Basketball League and as a national age-group representative, and supports initiatives to help student-athletes excel academically. At Oxford, Chris intends to study the role of the non-government organisations in providing public services.