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Wanyu Zhang

China, 2016

Wanyu Zhang
  • University: Peking University

  • Current/Recent Course: Bachelor of Law

Wanyu Zhang is a law student at Peking University, ranked first in her class. From her beginnings in a small town in southwestern China, Wanyu has gone on to receive a national scholarship for the top 0.2% of university students in the country. She also excelled as an exchange student at Stanford Law School and was Chinese champion of the Jessup Moot Court Competition. Wanyu has been active as a legal-aid volunteer both at Peking University and in Sichuan province, focusing on factory workers who have suffered workplace injuries, with a special emphasis on those afflicted by silicosis. Her favourite quote in legal literature is from jurist Oliver W. Holmes: “if [a man] has the soul of an idealist, he will make—I do not say find—his world ideal”. At Oxford, Wanyu hopes to explore the theoretical underpinnings of social justice to make law meaningful for marginalised populations.