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Suhas Mahesh

India, 2016

Suhas Mahesh
  • Current Place of Residence: India

  • University: Indian Institute of Science (IISc)

  • Current/Recent Course: Bachelor of Science

Suhas Mahesh is in his final undergraduate year studying for a Bachelor of Science at the Indian Institute of Science. Suhas's interests broadly revolve around Condensed Matter Physics. He has had stints at the University of Groningen and IIT-CNST, Milan where he worked on Flexible Electronics. He is also a recipient of the prestigious KVPY Research Fellowship, given by the Government of India. Suhas moonlights as a lover of languages and spends much time reading, teaching, and writing in Sanskrit and Latin. He also enjoys teaching and has conducted workshops on Electronics and Spoken Sanskrit. His other interests include the violin, classical versification, and popular science.