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Nchimunya Nelisa Tebeka.

Zambia, 2016.

Nchimunya Nelisa Tebeka.
  • Current Place of Residence: Bremen, Germany

  • University: Max Planck Institute of Marine microbiology. Bremen, Germany

  • Current/Recent Course: Masters in Marine Microbiology

Nelisa obtained her BSc in Biochemistry and Cell Biology from Jacobs University Bremen in Germany. Currently she is finishing up her Master’s thesis research in microbiology at the Max Planck institute in Bremen. Her research involves the identification, characterization and purification of monoterpene metabolizing enzymes from a specific microbe, with the aim of applying this knowledge in industry and biotechnology research. Besides her scientific interest, Nelisa is involved in a number of other projects, her main one being Afrolindaz social entrepreneurship, a social project that she co-founded with two other colleagues. Afrolindaz main objective is to use fashion as a means of raising funds that go towards supporting educational purposes for disadvantaged African kids and on the other hand providing potential employment for skilled African tailors and craftsmen. Nelisa aspires to apply her science skills and knowledge in research that works towards improving the health and life-style of people from resource limited environments.