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Kazumi Hoshino-Macdonald

Quebec, 2016

Kazumi Hoshino-Macdonald
  • Current Place of Residence: Outremont

  • University: McGill University

  • Current/Recent Course: B.A. (Hons.) International Development Studies

Kazumi Hoshino-Macdonald is a student in the Faculty of Political Science at McGill University, though he was born and raised in East Vancouver, B.C. He is focused on the linkages between international relations and international development, with a view to advancing interdisciplinary thinking in development policy. After pursuing research in Singapore on the development of the city-state, he became focused on how economic geography, political institutions, and nationalism affect each other in nation-state evolution. During his time at McGill he has worked as a research assistant under professors in Islamic studies, at the Institute for the Study of International Development, and for the James McGill Professor of Sociology, John Anthony Hall. His other interests include how the international state system will be affected by new developments such as the Internet and cybernetic technologies.