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Sarah Westwood

South African College School, Newlands, 2015

Sarah Westwood
  • Current Place of Residence: Cape Town, South Africa

  • University: University of Cape Town

  • Current/Recent Course: Master of Arts (Psychological Research)

In 2013, Sarah graduated from the University of Cape Town (UCT) with a first class honours degree in Psychology. Currently, she is working toward an MA in Psychological Research at UCT. Her dissertation focuses on how a child’s relationship with their grandparents impacts their experience of psychosocial stressors. Sarah has worked as a senior mentor in the Humanities faculty at UCT, helping students to navigate the stressful transition from school to university. She is also involved in the leadership of the youth ministry at her church. In her spare time Sarah enjoys attending ballet classes and reading biographies. Sarah hopes that her work will contribute to the transformation of higher education institutions in South Africa so that they continue to meet the changing needs of society.