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Yan Yu

Prairies, 2014

Yan Yu
  • Current Place of Residence: Calgary

  • University: Queen’s University (2011) / University of Calgary (2014)

  • Current/Recent Course: Bachelor of Science in Biology (2011) / Doctor of Medicine (2014)

Other Information: Yan won the Nat Christie Foundation Medical Entrance Award to the University of Calgary, where he completed his medical degree in May 2014. Alongside his studies, he founded, edited and led the development of the free online 'Calgary Guide to Understanding Disease' - which has been accessed by more than 31,000 physicians and medical students in over 100 countries. He served as the Chair for the Calgary chapter of the Canadian Federation of Medical Students' Political Advocacy Committee, and continues to be a Peer Listener for fellow medical students. For relaxation, Yan is a mountain trail-runner, plays the guitar and enjoys ultimate frisbee and ice-hockey. Yan envisages his future to involve creating open-source medical education materials, collaborating in health care innovation, whilst remaining rooted in medical practice.