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Paul Amayo

Kenya, 2014

Paul Amayo
  • Current Place of Residence: Cape Town

  • University: University of Cape Town

Other Information: Paul is in the final year of his BSc (Eng) in Mechatronics at UCT, and has been chosen recently as one of the Mandela Rhodes Scholars 2014. Paul believes that fully autonomous systems hold the key to solving some of Africa's most pressing problems - for example, the removal of the water hyacinth in Lake Victoria which has destroyed the livelihoods of local fisherman. Paul won the Engineering and built environment Faculty Scholarship in 2012. He tutors and mentors students in the Electrical Engineering Department at UCT and, during his vacations, Paul has undertaken research in the Control Laboratory at UCT and within the Electrical Engineering Department at the University of Nairobi. He is a member of Engineers without Borders, bringing technology to less privileged areas and, for relaxation, Paul is a keen rugby player. Paul hopes to continue his studies in the field of robotics. Longer-term, through a combination of business venture and academia, his goal is to establish the first robotics research laboratory in Kenya.