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Fredah Banda

Zambia, 2014

Fredah Banda
  • Current Place of Residence: Lusaka, Zambia

  • University: University of Zambia

  • Current/Recent Course: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (2012)

Other Information: Fredah completed her BSc last year, and won the Prize for Best Overall Third Year Student in the School of Natural Sciences. She is also the first woman to graduate with Distinction from that course. Since completing her degree, Fredah has spent 6 months in Germany as a Business Intelligence Management intern for Mercedes Benz (DAIMLER) and she works currently as a software consultant for PROGNOZ, developing software that helps government agencies and companies use data effectively as part of their decision-making process. Whilst at UNZA, Fredah volunteered with IMPACT, visiting remote locations to serve local residents, helped translate Google into ichiBemba and volunteered at the E-Leaning Conference. For relaxation, Fredah cooks, reads novels, travels and, in addition to her current fluency in four languages, is hoping to add another five. In the long-term, Fredah is passionate about returning to Zambia and hopes to become a specialist, and teacher, in High Performance Computing Systems which she sees as essential to Zambia's successful development.