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Drew A. Birrenkott

Wisconsin, 2014

Drew A. Birrenkott
  • Current Place of Residence: McFarland, WI

  • University: University of Wisconsin

Other Information: Drew A. Birrenkott, McFarland, is a senior at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, where he majors in biomedical engineering, biochemistry and political science. A Goldwater Scholar, he is working to design a rugged, inexpensive, battery-powered infant cardio-respiratory monitor for use in developing countries, and is writing a thesis on comparative U.S.-European healthcare policy. With Engineers Without Borders, he has worked in Kenya on an irrigation project and is now developing a water project for Tanzania. He has also done research on ventricular hypertrophy in Madison, and on bacteria-induced diarrhea in India. He is also an active volunteer with dementia patients and a peer mentor.