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Julian De Freitas

South Africa-at-Large, 2013

Julian De Freitas
  • Current Place of Residence: New Haven

  • University: Yale University

  • Current/Recent Course: Bachelor of Arts in Cognitive Science

Julian is in the final year of his BA n Cognitive Science. He has published in academic journals and popular science literature, and has given talks and presentations at national and international conferences, including the forthcoming International Academy of Law and Mental Health. This year he won two research fellowships at Yale, for research in visual and auditory perception and was named a National Honor Society in Psychology Fellow. Alongside his studies, he has enjoyed performing musically, touring across America and worldwide. He is currently singer and Tour Manager with the Yale Wiffenpoofs A Cappella Group, and also served as President, Tour Manager, and Publicity Manager for the Yale Alley Cats A Cappella Group. Julian captained the Yale Road Running team, and enjoys creative writing. Beyond Oxford, Julian hopes to continue in academia in teaching and research.