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Jalnidh Kaur

India, 2013

Jalnidh Kaur
  • Current Place of Residence: New Delhi

  • University: St Stephen’s College

  • Current/Recent Course: Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Economics

Jalnidh will complete her Bachelor of Arts this year. In addition to formal academic prizes, Jalnidh achieved second prize in the ‘Budding Economist’ Quiz at Confluence National Economics Festival and pioneered the business plan ‘EurekaWow’ which promotes the concept of senior-to-junior knowledge sharing. Alongside her academic work, Jalnidh founded Éclair, now a country-wide organisation with over 100 volunteers offering informal schooling for children living on the streets. Jalnidh served as Youth Co-ordinator for the Punjab division of the Civil Society Against Drugs movement during the Punjab Assembly Elections in 2012. Longer-term, she would like to help combat the extreme social disparities in the world around her through contributing to value-based interventions based on social science research.