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Jacob Taylor

New South Wales, 2013

Jacob Taylor
  • Current Place of Residence: Sydney

  • University: The University of Sydney

  • Current/Recent Course: Bachelor of Arts in Languages with combined Honours in Social Anthropology and Chinese Studies (2010)

Jacob's interest in how culture takes hold of our bodies and minds has led him towards a keen interest in the emerging field of neuroanthropology. Having completed his degree in 2010, Jacob has combined meanwhile his interests in rugby and China as a member of the Partnership Development Team of the Australia-China Youth Dialogue, and as the China Consultant and Liaison for the Australian Rugby Union. Alongside his career as Vice-Captain of the national Rugby Sevens team, Jacob has established the Engaging China Project which seeks to promote the study of the Chinese language in Australian schools. Longer-term, Jacob hopes to contribute to the growing body of knowledge in neuroanthropology, before seeking to influence more broadly the incorporation of empathic knowledge into the way we educate, govern, and do business worldwide.