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Dalumuzi Mhlanga

Zimbabwe, 2013

Dalumuzi Mhlanga
  • Current Place of Residence: Cambridge, Massachusetts

  • University: Harvard University

  • Current/Recent Course: Bachelor of Arts in Social Studies

Dalumuzi will complete his Bachelor of Arts this year, focussing on civic engagement and democracy in Africa. Whilst at Harvard, he served as Director of the Leadership Institute and Vice President of the Youth Alliance for Leadership and Development in Africa. He has also been appointed Student Representative to the Harvard Faculty Committee on Public Service to advise the Dean of Student Life and the Dean of Harvard College on student voluntary programmes. He founded the ‘Lead Us Today Trust’, which provides leadership training to high school students in Zimbabwe. Dalumuzi is a keen runner and football player, and enjoys singing and listening to music, theatre, and comedy. Longer-term, aspires to a role in formulating public policy on education, thereby contributing to broadening the aspirations of young Zimbabweans.