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Nikita Kausahl

India & Exeter 2012

Nikita Kausahl
  • Current Place of Residence: Pune

  • University: University of Pune

  • Current/Recent Course: Bachelor of Science (2008); Master of Science in Geology (2010)

Other Information: Nikita completed her Master’s in Geology in 2010, specialising in Quaternary Geology and Climate Change. Her fascination with the beauty of nature, and consequent love of the Earth Sciences, led to her travelling across India as an instructor for a wildlife and trekking organisation, and working for ACWADAM - the Advanced Centre for Water Resources Development and Management - a not-for-profit organisation which develops solutions for groundwater problems. Nikita is an avid reader, a black belt in karate and speaks and reads in six languages. She hopes to continue her research in the area of integrated dendro-ecological studies, especially as they pertain to the evolution, adaptation and extinction of civilizations.