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David Obert

Prairies & St John's 2012

David Obert
  • Current Place of Residence: Boston, Massachusetts

  • University: McGill University; Harvard Medical School

  • Current/Recent Course: Bachelor of Science in Biology (2010); M.D. Medicine

Other Information: A J.W McConnell Scholar, David graduated from McGill with a BSc in Biology in 2010 and is now in his second year of the M.D. programme at Harvard Medical School. David is currently involved in a Harvard/NATO study examining health sector stabilization and reconstruction in fragile states and is the HMS student representative to the Association of American Medical Colleges. He has also been active in a conservation/public health project in Uganda (Kibale Health and Conservation Centre) and in teaching health education to teenagers in Boston schools. David is an avid outdoors and sports enthusiast and particularly enjoys scuba diving, surfing and mountain biking. A former competitive alpine skier, he enjoys skiing recreationally and is a certified ski instructor.