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Chrystelle Wedi

South Africa-at-Large & St Hugh's 2012

Chrystelle Wedi
  • Current Place of Residence: Pretoria, South Africa

  • University: University of Pretoria

  • Current/Recent Course: MSc Medical Immunology (Research); MBChB (2010)

Other Information: Chrystelle was born in the Demographic Republic of Congo (DRC) but has spent the last twenty years living in South Africa. She is passionate about the issues affecting the DRC including socio-economic and gender inequalities in the country, and hopes to pursue a career which enables her to improve healthcare for women and children in Africa. Chrystelle is currently conducting an internship in a local township at Kalafong Hospital and is an active volunteer Secretary General of Vandelo NGO which works in the DRC, where she has helped establish free medical and psychological care for women and children who have been victims of gender-based violence. Chrystelle also enjoys basketball, netball and public speaking.