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Catherine Danielle Leonard

Newfoundland & Worcester 2012

Catherine Danielle Leonard
  • Current Place of Residence: Portugal Cover - St Philip's, Newfoundland

  • University: Memorial University of Newfoundland

  • Current/Recent Course: Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Physics and Applied Mathematics

Other Information: Danielle finds the beauty of the natural world exciting, and is dedicated to understanding and explaining the intricacies of nature through the constructs of mathematical physics. Her passion in this area has thus far led her to conduct research at two different Canadian universities, and to one published paper in this field as well as many academic presentations. Danielle has won several awards related to her field, including the 2011 Canadian Association of Physics Best Student Presentation award in the Division of Theoretical Physics, and the 2010 Dean's Book Award for Physics. As well as her scholarly interests, Danielle has been involved in efforts to inspire the movement of her university toward becoming a Fair Trade campus, as well as several campaigns of the campus Oxfam group. Danielle also enjoys Ballroom and Latin dance with the university club, running mid- to long-distance races, writing poetry, and playing clarinet. Danielle anticipates that the study of physics will be, for her, a lifelong pursuit.