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Scholar Stories

Rhodes Scholars stand up for positive change in the world – these Scholar stories tell of the many different paths taken to achieve transformative impact.

  • 61071714 2491639557737509 7227034215055884288 N

    Professor Kenneth Mwenda (Zambia & Exeter 1992)

    Presidential Insignia of Meritorious Achievement

  • Vicky Admission Photo

    Vicky Miyandazi (Kenya & University 2013),

    High Court of Kenya

  • MTL 720Px

    Marc Tessier-Lavigne (Quebec & New College 1980)

    Gruber Neuroscience Prize

  • Jane Harding   New Zealand & Brasenose 1978

    Jane Harding (New Zealand & Brasenose 1978)

    Dame Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit

  • Alex Gillespie

    Alexandra Gillespie (New Zealand & Corpus Christ 1997)

    Vice President and principal of the University of Toronto Mississauga

  • Alykassam Remtulla 0001 Edit

    Aly Kassam-Remtulla (Prairies & Balliol 1999)

    Associate Provost of International Affairs at Princeton

  • Elleke Boehmer author photograph high res 2014 16

    Elleke Boehmer (South Africa-at-Large & St John's 1985)

    Elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature

  • sarah

    Sara C. (Galvan) Bronin (Texas & Magdalen 2001)

    Sara C. (Galvan) Bronin awarded the Pro Bene Meritis Young Alumna Award.

  • Bwalya Ngandu 2

    Dr Bwalya Ng’andu (Zambia & University 1977)

    Appointed Zambia’s new Finance Minister.

  • M Smith Nusbaum

    Maura Smith (New York & Lady Margaret Hall 1977)

    Maura Smith Joins Family Law Offices of Edward Nusbaum

  • AhmedA photo preferred

    Ahmed Ahmed (Minnesota & Lady Margaret Hall 2017)

    Named a 2019 Paul & Daisy Soros Fellow

  • Mike Fitzpatrick

    Mike Fitzpatrick AO (Western Australia & St John's 1975)

    Appointed an Officer of the Order of Australia 2019

  • Brodersen Alma

    Alma Brodersen (Germany & St John's 2012)

    Won the Manfred Lautenschlaeger Award for Theological Promise 2019 for her Oxford DPhil project.

  • steini

    Adalsteinn Brown (Ontario & Lincoln 1993)

    Appointed Dean at University of Toronto’s Dalla Lana School of Public Health

  • Prabhat Jha Image smaller

    Prabhat Jha (Prairies & Magdalen 1987)

    Admitted to the Royal Society of Canada

  • Photo of Katherine Larson

    Katherine Larson (Minnesota & Lincoln 2000)

    Admitted to the Royal Society of Canada

  • Elizabeth Sherwood Randall

    Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall (California & Balliol 1981)

    Appointed as the Distinguished Professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology

  • Tarunabh cropped

    Dr Tarunabh Khaitan (India & Exeter 2004)

    Won 2018 Letten Prize

  • sabeel rahman

    Sabeel Rahman (New York & Pembroke 2005)

    Appointed President of Demos

  • Bittner Young Academy

    Dr Martin-Immanuel Bittner (Germany & Trinity 2014)

    Appointed member of the Young Academy of the German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina and the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities

  • Ralph Smith headshot

    Ralph Smith (Alabama & Corpus Christi 1973)

    Promoted to Officer in the Order of St. John

  • Brad Smith Head Shot

    Brad Smith (Tennessee & Jesus 2007)

    Aspire CEO joins Anthem Inc

  • RFarrow final

    Ronan Farrow (Maryland/DC & Magdalen 2012)

    Wins the Pulitzer Prize gold medal 2018

  • Nnenna Lynch Sept 2014 1

    Nnenna Lynch (New York & St John's 1993)

    Wins NCAA Silver Anniversary Award

  • E.. Wainwright

    Elsina Wainwright (Queensland & Christ Church 1994)

    Appointed Member of the Order of Australia in the Australia Day honours 2018

  • Jory final

    Jory Fleming (South Carolina & Worcester 2017)

    Won Gold in the Rising Star category at the Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards 2017. "As a geography student I love making maps, and after Obama's last state of the union address I became interested in gerrymandering..."

  • Don Markwell

    Dr Don Markwell (Queensland & Trinity 1981)

    Appointed Warden at St Paul's College at the University of Sydney.

  • Keith Mostov Sept 15 2016

    Professor Keith Mostov (Illinois & New College 1976)

    Appointed Inaugural Fellow of the American Society for Cell Biology. "Having spent my professional life in academic biology, it has been my joy and privilege to participate in the ongoing revolution in biological science..."

  • Seth Bodnar

    Seth Bodnar (Pennsylvania & Hertford 2001)

    Appointed President of the University of Montana. "I'm excited and incredibly honoured to be named to this position..."

  • Herbet Behrendt

    Herbert Behrendt (Germany & University 1980)

    Appointed First Counsellor and Head Of Cultural Affairs of the German Embassy at Pretoria.

  • Mira debs final process sc220x146 t1491227012

    Dr Mira Debs (Iowa & Magdalen 1999)

    Appointed Executive Director of Education Studies at Yale University

  • kat smolina cropped 2 process sc220x146 t1484741462

    Dr Kate Smolina (Ontario & University 2008)

    Director of the BC Observatory for Population & Public Health, BC Centre for Disease Control, Vancouver, Canada.

  • Rick French cropped 2 process sc220x146 t1483956763

    Rick French (British Columbia & Magdalen 1968)

    Awarded the Order of Canada

  • Kate Cochrane Brink headshto SOTW process sc220x146 t1480421130

    Dr Kate Cochrane-Brink (Ontario & St John’s 1991)

    Child & adolescent psychiatrist and hurdle & steeplechase athlete

  • CROPPEDsheehnaz suliman process sc220x146 t1479124488

    Dr Shehnaaz Suliman (South Africa-at-Large & Balliol 1997)

    Shehnaaz helped enable access to HIV medications in the developing world

  • Naomi Wolf 5 process sc220x146 t1478189704

    Dr Naomi Wolf (Connecticut & New College 1985)

    She gained international recognition as a leading spokesperson in the third wave feminist movement with her book The Beauty Myth (1990)

  • Pratt cranford process sc220x146 t1475678361

    Professor Cranford Pratt (Québec & Balliol 1950)

    Considered to bridge the gap between Canada and Africa by encouraging young people to engage in African politics.

  • levenson SOTW process sc220x146 t1474446187

    Dr Nancy Levenson (Arizona & Jesus 1989)

    Appointed as Deputy Director of the Space Telescope Science Institute.

  • Wes moore HD   2 process sc220x146 t1472810317

    Wes Moore (Maryland & DC & Wolfson 2001)

    Founder and CEO of BridgeEdU

  • Rachel pfeifer process sc220x146 t1470298628

    Rachel Pfeifer (North Carolina & Linacre 2005)

    President, Collegiate Directions, a non-profit organisation committed to closing the education, achievement, and opportunity gap for low-income, primarily first-generation-to-college students.

  • Steve Holtzman process sc220x146 t1469018211

    Steve Holtzman (Michigan & Corpus Christi 1976)

    Appointed President and Chief Executive Officer at Decibel Therapeutics.

  • Hugh Possingham process sc220x146 t1468507727

    Hugh Possingham (Australia-at-Large & St John's 1984)

    Hugh designed a conservation planning software that helped rezone the Great Barrier Reef and this has been recognised with the prestigious Sherman Eureka Prize for Environmental Research.

  • mccall macbainfull 2 process sc220x146 t1467711257

    John McCall MacBain (Québec & Wadham 1980)

    Awarded the Order of Canada.

  • 2016 huatulco wc 5wa 5615  medium process sc220x146 t1467043920

    Mari Rabie (South Africa-at-Large & St Catherine's 2010)

    Mari Rabie qualified for the Rio Olympics 2016.

  • Jonathan Finer process sc220x146 t1465481034

    Jon Finer (Vermont & Balliol 1999)

    Chief of Staff and Director of Policy Planning to John Kerry

  • dana brown 2 process sc220x146 t1464341990

    Professor Dana Brown (New Jersey & St Antony's 1994)

    Dana is the new Principal of Leicester Castle Business School at De Monfort University, Leicester.

  • Collins.James  process sc220x146 t1463575956

    Professor Jim Collins (New Hampshire & Balliol 1987)

    Jim lead a multi-institutional research team to create a paper-based way to diagnose a person with Zika.

  • carolyn evans image process sc220x146 t1443435867

    Professor Carolyn Evans (Victoria & Exeter 1995)

    Dean of Melbourne Law School and expert on religious freedom and the relationship between law and religion.

  • ga045 lisa gorton rhodes process sc220x146 t1442911185

    Dr Lisa Gorton (Australia-at-Large & Merton 1994)

    Her first poetry collection Press Release won the Victorian Premier’s Award for Poetry; her second, Hotel Hyperion was awarded the Philip Hodgins Memorial Medal.

  • Rohan Paul JPG 2 process sc220x146 t1442394824

    Dr Rohan Paul (India & St Catherine's 2008)

    MIT Technology Review listed him as one of the top innovators under 35 for his work on the SmartCane.

  • chiefXjustice process sc220x146 t1441794066

    Sir Marston Gibson (Commonwealth Caribbean & Keble 1977)

    Chief Justice and President of the Court of Appeal of Barbados.

  • 225px Christopher Murray process sc220x146 t1441095575

    Christopher Murray (Minnesota & Merton 1984)

    A researcher in global health and public health at the University of Washington in Seattle and is the institute director of the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME).

  • Menaka Guruswamy 11  621x414 process sc220x146 t1440514977

    Menaka Guruswamy (India & University 1998)

    Lawyer in New Delhi, and has previously been a Human Rights Consultant to the United Nations.

  • NatWare process sc220x146 t1439890764

    Nathaniel Ware (New South Wales & Magdalen 2011)

    Economist, entrepreneur, and international development specialist. Watch his TEDxOxford talk.

  • 20131108 Maxine 0260 e1415151094563 1940x1091 process sc220x146 t1439300995

    Maxine Williams (Commonwealth Caribbean & St Catherine's 1992)

    Global Head of Diversity at Facebook

  • fullilove web 2013 jb new2 process sc220x146 t1438699696

    Dr Michael Fullilove (New South Wales & Balliol 1997)

    Executive Director of the Lowy Institute for International Policy

  • index process sc220x146 t1439890743

    Jeni Klugman (New South Wales & New College 1988)

    Senior Adviser at the World Bank and a fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School's Women and Public Policy Programme.