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125th Anniversary Strategic Plan

We are the home of the world’s pre-eminent graduate fellowship, the Rhodes Scholarship, based at the University of Oxford since 1903. In our second century, we are expanding the Rhodes Scholarships globally and broadening our impact through partnerships that develop exceptional leaders across different life stages and areas of focus.


Our Mission

Our Mission

The Trust builds a better world through global fellowship programmes that develop and connect compassionate, innovative, and public-spirited people committed to solving humanity’s challenges.

Theroy of change

Our Theory of Change

Our Theory of Change

The world needs leadership from ethical, creative and courageous people who are able to bridge cultures and disciplines. We therefore:

  • Help people of talent from all walks of life realise their potential to build a better world;
  • Foster leadership through diverse and inclusive learning communities;
  • Amplify impact through lifelong fellowships of mutual support, inspiration and collaboration.

The Rhodes Scholarship

Based at the University of Oxford, brings together and develops exceptional young people from all over the world, and in all fields of study, who are committed to being of service, impatient with the way things are and have the courage to act.

The Rhodes Scholarships in 2028

World Map showing existing Rhodes constituencies & proposed constituencies for the future.